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20191013.mp31 Samuel 17Emotionally Healthy Spirituality4OCF Sam Smith
20191006.mp3Know Yourself That You May Know GodEmotionally Healthy Spirituality3OCF Adrienne Mitchell
20190929.mp31 Samuel 15Emotionally Healthy Spirituality2OCF Tom Bacon
20190922.mp3The Problem of Emotionally Healthy SpiritualityEmotionally Healthy Spirituality1OCF Andrew Mutch
20190915.mp3Break Up Your Unploughed GroundOCF Laura Marsh
20190908.mp3Beyond BasecampOCF Mike Mitchell
20190901.mp3Hope Does Not DisappointOCF Adrienne Mitchell
20190825.mp3The Fear of the LordOCF Sam Smith
20190818.mp3Building the House of the LordSue & Maren
20190811.mp3Take My LifeOCF Dave Mutch
20190728.mp3Psalm 141Emotions in the Psalms7OCF Mark Hudson
20190721.mp3Psalm 34Emotions in the Psalms6OCF Tom Bacon
20190714.mp3Psalm 77Emotions in the Psalms5OCF Mike Mitchell
20190707.mp3Psalm 32Emotions in the Psalms4OCF Adrienne Mitchell
20190630.mp3Psalm 44Emotions in the Psalms3OCF Tom Bacon
20190623.mp3Thanksgiving (Psalm 118)Emotions in the Psalms2OCF Andrew Mutch
20190616.mp3Praise & Worship (Psalm 145)Emotions in the Psalms1OCF Dave Mutch
20190602.mp3True and False Prophets & Disciples (Matthew 7:15-23)Sermon on the Mount17OCF Andrew Mutch
20190602-LM Testimony.pdf
20190602-LM Testimony.mp3Let Us Spur One Another OnTestimonyOCF Laura Marsh
20190526.mp3The Narrow & Wide Gates (Matthew 7:13-14)Sermon on the Mount16OCF Sam Smith
20190519.mp3Ask, Seek, Knock (Matthew 7:7-12)Sermon on the Mount15OCF Mike Mitchell
20190512.mp3Judging Others (Matthew 7:1-5)Sermon on the Mount14OCF Tom Bacon
20190505.mp3Do Not WorryMatthew 6:25-3413OCF Dave Mutch
20190428.mp3Prayer (Matthew 6:5-15)Sermon on the Mount12OCF Andrew Mutch
20190421.mp3EasterOCF Mike Mitchell
20190414.mp3Treasures in Heaven (Matt 6:19-24)Sermon on the Mount11OCF Sam Smith
20190407.mp3Fasting (Matt 6:16-18)Sermon on the Mount10OCF Mark Hudson
20190324.mp3Giving to the Needy (Matt 6:1-4)Sermon on the Mount9OCF Tom Bacon
20190317.mp3OCF Sue Williams
20190310.mp3Love Your Enemies (Matthew 5:43-48)Sermon on the Mount8OCF Sam Smith
20190303.mp3Eye for an Eye (Matthew 5:38-42)Sermon on the Mount7OCF Andrew Mutch
20190224.mp3Oaths (Matthew 5:33-37)Sermon on the Mount6OCF Mike Mitchell
20190224 - realignment.pdf
20190217.mp3Adultery & Divorce (Matthew 5:27-32)Sermon on the Mount5OCF Tom Bacon
20190203.mp3The Heart of WorshipOCF Mark Hudson
20190127.mp3Goodbye OCFElisha Omoso
20190120.mp3Where Do You Live?Guest SpeakerOCF Steve Hepden
20190113.mp3PoliticsOCF Andrew Mutch
20190106.mp3What Are You Doing Here?"1OCF Mike Mitchell